Senior Spotlight

McKenzie Rose

McKenzie Rose Plans to attend the University of Redlands in Redlands, California. She plans to major in Environmental Studies and minor in Journalism. She will be running track and cross country. She hopes to one day become a Compliance Coordinator and possibly a Freelance Journalist too. Go Bulldogs!!!

- McKenzie Rose

Cody Ray

Cody Ray will be attending Washington State University. He plans to study Computer Engineering . He hopes to become a Product Design Engineer.

- Cody Ray

Brandon Morrison

Brandon Morrison plans on joining the workforce after high school. He's not sure what he wants to do in the future, but hopes gaining some work experience will help him decide.

- Brandon Morrison

Kobe Harwood

Kobe Harwood will be heading for Gillette, Wyoming to attend Western Welding Academy. After completing the program, he plans to get right to work as a Pipeline Welder.

- Kobe Harwood

Taylor-Jo Hoffman

Taylor-Jo Hoffman will be attending Eastern Oregon University. She will be working towards a degree in Informational Technology Management/Agricultural Science. After college she would like to work as a Informational Technology Specialist in the Agricultural Industry.

- Taylor-Jo Hoffman

Creed Russell

Creed Russell will be attending Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. He plans to study Biology and become a WIldlife Biologist.

- Creed Russell

Hanah Blankenship

Hanah Blankenship will be Idaho bound to attend Lewis-Clark State College. She plans to obtain a degree in Elementary Education to become a teacher.

- Hanah Blankenship

Keegin Chitty

Keegin Chitty plans to join the local 112 Apprenticeship/Trade School. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he would like to move to Montana or Idaho and work as an Electrician.

- Keegin Chitty

Kasiddee Nichols

Kasiddee Nichols plans to remain in the area. She would like to join the workforce and volunteer at a local animal shelter or church. She is undecided on an area of study, but is considering music. She hopes to one day become a successful, healthy, and happy mother.

- Kasiddee Nichols

Teagan McConkey

Teagan McConkey plans to attend Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, OR. She will study Fire Science Technology and plans to pursue a career as a Firefighter.

- Teagan McConkey

Samual Wyse

Sam Wyse plans to stay in the area. He would like to join the IBEW Local 48 apprenticeship program. He will be studying to become a Electrical Engineer. He plans to work as an Electrician for 10 years, before moving onto business ownership.

- Sam Wyse

Ally Brown

Ally Brown plans to attend Blue Mountain Community College. She will be pursuing a Nursing Degree and plans to become a Pediatric Nurse.

- Allyson Brown

Mayela De La Fuente

Mayela De La Fuente will attend Blue Mountain Community College to complete the Dental Assistant Program. She will then transfer to Columbia Basin College and work towards her Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene. She plans to work as a Dental Hygienist.

- Mayela De La Fuente

Calliope Mills

Calliope Mills will be moving to Olympia, WA to attend Evergreen State College. She plans to study Art and Business. She is still undecided on what she wants to be, and is exploring all sorts of fields in hopes of finding what suits her best.

- Calliope Mills

Arya Sak

Arya Sak plans to join the workforce after graduating. She is not sure what her future plans are. She is looking into various fields in hopes of finding one that fits.

- Arya Sak

Nevaeh Thew

Nevaeh Thew will be heading to Bremerton, Washington to attend Olympic College. She will be working towards her degree in Nursing. She will also be playing volleyball and basketball. She wants to obtain her BSN in Nursing and pursue a career in Neonatal Care.

- Nevaeh Thew

Athina Siedman

Athina Siedman will be attending Columbia Basin Community College in Pasco, Washington. She will be working towards a degree in Dental Hygiene and plans to pursue a career as a Dental Hygienist.

- Athina Siedman

Isiic Wade

Isiic Wade will be attending Western Welding Academy in Gillette Wyoming. After completing his program, he plans to get right to work in the welding trade.

- Isiic Wade

Beau Wade

Beau Wade plans to join the workforce. He would eventually like to move out of this area. Beau is still exploring his options, and hopes work experience will help him decided a career path that best suits him.

- Beau Wade

Cam Macpherson

Cam Macpherson plans to move to Medford Oregon and work in the restaurant industry. He is uncertain in a future career, but plans to work and explore his options.

- Camden Macpherson