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Feb 15 09:57

Valentine's Party

Our Eating the Alphabet was so much is what we ate;

a-apples, b-bananas, c-carrots, d-dates,  e-elf cookies, f- fruit snacks,  g-grapes, h-hummus, i-iced hearts, j-juice, k-kiwi, l-liverworst, m-marshmallows, n-nuts, o-orange juice, p-pineapple, q-quaker granola bars, r-raisons, s-stawberry ceral, t-tangerines, u-ugli fruit (jamacian mix of tangerine and grapefruit), v-vanilla wafers, w-wheat crakers, x-eXtra gum, y-yellow peppers, z-zuccuni

Feb 02 17:27

Homecoming Week

This is our homecoming week in High School;

Monday is Blue day, Tuesday is Gold/yellow day, Wednesday is white day and Thursday is cougar pride day

Feb 02 15:16

Thursday Night from 5-7

Reading Under the Stars


Echo Elementary

Family Reading Night

Thursday, February 5, 2009

5:00 – 7:00

So many things to do!

Dinner presented by the 4th and 5th grades


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